On line services

  • Which kind of services do we offer on web?

    Mocellin law firm offers assistance, representation, legal advice and defense, extrajudicial and judicial, for credits recovery.

  • What do you need to entrust the task?

    To entrust the task it is necessary to have:

    - digital signature with a valid certificate of signature

    - a certified e-mail address

    - a scanner.

  • How to entrust the task?

    If you want to have Mocellin law firm's assistance for credits recovery, you can ask for an estimate sending a certified e-mail to mauromocellin@legalmail.it.

    E-mail has to contain:

    • creditor and debtor's general details (name and surname, tax number, date and place of birth address and for legal persons: company name, company address, tax number or VAT number, if the creditor is a society it is necessary to add legal representative's general details);

    • credit's amount;

    • a short description of acts and facts that originate credit;

    • an indication of documents owned to proof credit;

    • an attached creditor's ID document or, if it is a society, legal representative's ID.


    Mocellin law firm is going to examine your request within three working days and to send you an e-mail containing:

    • payments and costs' estimate;

    • instructions necessary to entrust the charge;

    • a list of documents and information requested to carry on the role;

    • letter of engagement;

    • forms about mediation, privacy and anti-money laundering.


    If you are going to accept the estimate and to entrust with Mocellin law firm credits' recovery you have to:

    • sign through digital signature the pdf text containing the engagement and forms about mediation, privacy and anti-money laundering;

    • make a scan of requested documents, creating for each one a file in one of the following format: pdf, gif, jpg, png, tif;

    • pay the amount showed in the estimate for the phase, judicial or extrajudicial, that has to be introduced, through a bank's current account assigned to the creditor, creating a file containing payment's receipt;

    • send the whole documents to Mocellin law firm through a certified e-mail

    • in the e-mail has to be showed current account's IBAN and SWITCH assigned to you, on which you would like to receive debtor's payment.

    Afterwards your confirmation's e-mail and document's delivery Mocellin law firm:

    extrajudicial phase:

    • will invoice the amount received;

    • within three working days will draft and send to debtors putting default's letter, by certified e-mail or mail.

    Judicial phase:

    • will invoice the amount received;

    • within three working days will draft and send you a proof copy of injunction's appeal and related engagement letter;

    • obtained your approval regarding the proof copy and received the engagement, signed with digital signature, Mocellin law firm will send it to the Court within the following day.

  • Payments and how to pay?

    Estimate you will receive indicates in details payments' amount.

    Every estimate depends on controversy's value.

    Before any phase you will receive an estimate of further amounts.

    Payment has to be done within 30 days through a bank transfer, always with a bank current account assigned to the creditor.

    Mocellin law firm will carries out the task after payment's proof receiving.

    Afterwards Mocellin law firm will invoice amount received, sending an e-mail to the client.

    Amount has to be paid, independently from the amount liquidated by the Court.

    If debtor will pay assets and legal fees, Mocellin law firm will attribute the greater amounts collected for legal fees.


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