Civil Law

  • Legal advice

    The law firm offers legal advice to individuals and companies in the civil law's field, especially in private procurement, buying and selling of goods and real estate, mergers and acquisitions, real estate matters and agencies' agreements.

    In these matters, the law firm also provides to clients competence and experience in drafting contracts.

    Furthermore, for private individuals the law firm provides advice and assistance in succession and family law.

  • Credit recovery

    Credit recovery could appear as an uninspiring part of lawyers' work.

    Actually, this activity could give positive results when it is done with dynamism and skill.

    The proceeding has to be applied efficiently so as to reduce delays to a minimum, and also to make debtors aware that they are obliged to act within the minimum time-limits provided by law, despite the evident favor that law reserves them, and that the creditor is going to use every means within his powers to gain his rightful remedy.

    When the situation is uncompromised, it permits a higher possibility to recover outstanding debts.

    The Mocellin law firm is able to offer on-line solutions for credit recovery, both in extrajudicial phase and in judicial one through an injunction appeal.

    In the section 'On-line services' you can find all the information you need to know how to request a quote and, if you wish, to appoint to our law firm to recover your credit.

  • Urgent proceedings

    We must say to have a particular preference for urgent proceedings, particularly in relation to preventive technical verifications, where it has a fundamental importance for attorneys to be able to work alongside technical experts, in order to offer to the client the best possible result beginning from these initial but essential stages of proceedings.

    These stages are fundamental in determining which direction an action may take, as well as what you can get from. We can give a correct planning only with a synergistic relationship between lawyer and expert, essential in protecting and promoting our clients' rights.

  • Separation and divorce

    Even if existent law contest is trying to speed up and to minimize proceeding necessary to reach the dissolution of marriage, we strongly believe that assistance, defense and legal advice that an expert can provides are essential to face in the best way a such complex and delicate stage as crisis and subsequent break of conjugal relationship.

    We are convinced that the couple, only if it is assisted by a qualified expert, can be brought to a satisfactory crisis' juridical solution, able to take into account the involved children's primary interest, not affected by personal tensions and reciprocal feelings, that have often been deeply damaged.

  • Successions

    Successions' matter is a source of wide controversies that often involve, inevitably, relationship among relatives, damaging and breaking down it.

    We believe that a professional and competent attorney can be useful, in first instance, to take, with the help of an appropriate juridical advice, the opportunity to settle in advance transmission of goods in event of death.

    Drafting a correct will, that speaks in a juridical way, allows to prevent or restrict disagreements that could arise with succession's opening.

    In second instance, lawyer's assistance and defense are essential to lead succession's controversy, both in extrajudicial and judicial phases. This is necessary when last wills have to be challenged because of their invalidity or because they are in damage to the rights of people for which is reserved an inheritance portion, and even when there is not a testament, and succession is regulated by law, but complicated juridical activities are necessary, such as hereditary division.

  • Accidents and traffic circulation

    Traffic circulation involves a relevant assumption of responsibility and the respect of increasingly strict rules, the violation of which could bring to civil, penal and administrative sanctions.
    This is the reason why, after the involvement in an accident, it is appropriate to call on a competent attorney, in first instance in order to obtain focused advice on the possible juridical consequences of the event, to manage the extrajudicial phase of damages' assessment and the relation with involved vehicles' insurance companies, in second instance to have the assistance and defense in the possible civil or penal judicial phase.

    We are convinced that, both if client caused the accident and suffered it, a lawyer's assistance is more than necessary for a prompt protection of client's reasons and claims.

    Planning an efficient defense and achievement of the fair restoration for suffered damages are strictly related with promptness with which controversy is committed to a lawyer's competencies.

    Even an appeal against an administrative sanction considered unfair, or the management of the administrative consequences of an accident (such as license's withdraw or suspension) are activities that, if committed to lawyer's experience can lead to satisfactory outcomes for client.

  • Private procurement

    Private procurement's matter is object of a wide and constant in-depth analysis by the firm; we both prepare contracts, discuss and defend client in extrajudicial and judicial disputes.

    Firm's attention covers every kind of procurement, including procurement of goods, real estate and services. It begins with the draft of the agreement, going on with its execution, until dissolution and consequences coming from non-fulfillment or wrong fulfillment.

    Controversies regarding defects and flaws in real estate procurement, as well as ruins of buildings, represent for Mocellin law firm a current sector of activity.

  • Real estate controversies

    It is a common experience fact that real estate represents a value (not only economical), and, in residential and commercial matter as well, no aspects have to be dealt with approximation and without support of solid legal advice.

    It does not matter if we are talking about construction, sale, rent, guarantees against defects and flaws, relations among neighbors or annoying discharges, evidently lawyer's assistance appears to be essential both to get out from legal rules and jurisprudence's views and to deal with wide controversies that could rise in this matter.

    The firm's attorneys have reached, and give to the clients, an important experience in real estate legal advice, in drafting contracts, and furthermore in client's assistance and defense in extrajudicial and judicial controversies regarding real estate.


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