Proving in bankruptcy
If debtor goes bankrupt, activity of credits recovery faces a relevant change of perspective, because creditor has to compete with all other creditors. Furthermore it changes the procedural instruments to use in order to obtain, even if partially, credit recovery.
When bankruptcy occurred, it is necessary proving in bankruptcy, presenting an admission application, with related documents; if it is accepted, it gives the right to be enrolled in bankruptcy liabilities, with specific indication of eventual privileges or priorities' degree.
Only when bankruptcy has assets, they are distributed among creditors admitted, according to privileges' degree, and so normally in a reduced measure of original amount.
We believe that commit to a lawyer expert in bankruptcy matter predisposition and forward of proving in bankruptcy, nevertheless insolvency procedure's monitoring until assets' division, gives to clients greater guarantees to be satisfied.


Claims in bankruptcy matter
Crisis situation that leads the company to bankruptcy has probably already spoiled it of the whole asset (goods and real estate), that constituted obligations fulfillment's guarantee.
This is the reason why the trustee in bankruptcy usually has to tempt to reconstruct the asset with credits' recovery actions, responsibility actions against the administrators of the failed company and furthermore revocatory bankruptcy and ordinary actions of company's disposition before the bankruptcy damaging the so called par condicio creditorum.
Mocellin law firm has gained a long experience in these positions helping the trustee in bankruptcy and defending the failed as well.


Liquidator's activity
Mauro Mocellin prides himself on his extensive experience as an official receiver in bankruptcy actions.
His thorough knowledge of institutions and procedures involved, despite their complexity, allows him to manage efficiently bankrupt estates, as well as advise creditors as to the correct course of action to be taken.

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